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Generation to Generation Legacy Society

Why was the Generation to Generation Legacy Society Created?

Society LogoThe Generation to Generation Legacy Society was created to celebrate our friends who affirm their commitment to Holocaust Museum Houston through a planned gift. Their generosity demonstrates an investment in the future of our Museum and its mission. Gifts from Generation to Generation Legacy Society members, when realized, will offer operating or endowment support to provide exhibits, educational programs, artifact conservation, museum admission for students, or capital improvement projects.

Why is this important?

Holocaust Museum Houston is a living testimonial to those who perished in the Holocaust, a place of honor for those who survived, and a source of education for present and future generations. The Museum teaches the events of the Holocaust to demonstrate the destructive power of prejudice and the importance of moral courage and individual responsibility. From generation to generation, HMH will continue to teach these vital lessons of the Holocaust to the diverse students, teachers, and members of the community who visit.

What are common ways to make a legacy gift?

The most common way to make a legacy gift is to remember Holocaust Museum Houston in your will through a bequest. You can leave a specific sum of money or a percentage of the remainder of your estate. Other common options include naming the Museum as a partial or full beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Recognition in publications, if you desire
  • Invitations to annual Generation to Generation Legacy Society events
  • Potential tax advantages for yourself and your family
  • Satisfaction of helping to ensure the Museum’s future for generations to come

How do I get started?

Contact the Office of Endowment and Gift Planning to learn more about joining the Generation to Generation Legacy Society or let us know that you have already made a gift to HMH in your estate plans.

How do I join?

Becoming a member of the Generation to Generation Legacy Society is simple. In fact, you have already qualified from membership if you have named Holocaust Museum Houston in your will or included us in your estate plans. When you inform us of your gift, we will respect your wish to be recognized or remain anonymous. All details of your gift are held in strictest confidence.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Dugan, CAP® at 713-527-1629 or

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